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Always wear sunscreen.

4 Jun

Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen

Although this is essentially a song just full of cliched motivational poster type phrases set to a chilled out tune, it’s actually quite a beautiful song. A little cheesy (especially the classic 90’s music video!), a little bizarre but ultimately some good advice and an enjoyable enough song… it’s nice to hear something with “nice” lyrics.

And with such nice weather at the moment…. remember to always wear sunscreen! 🙂

Chloe out.


I’m not the one that’s crazy.

26 May


This is a really beautiful clip of Amanda Palmer and Hannah O’Reilly playing Ampersand together in a living room full of wonderful peaceful looking people. I love how the natural setting of this makes the music sound all the sweeter.

Chloe out.

Give ’em something strong to hold onto!

4 Apr

So, after that previous post i just had to whip this up!



Chloe out.

Lucky bathroom!

4 Apr

And here is that lucky bathroom!


Amanda Palmer and Kim Boekbinder – Such Great Heights


Amanda Palmer and Kim Boekbinder – Map of Tasmania –  fuck that rap is awesome! “so let me clarify what we’re trying to say, there’s a 1000 ways to shave it, so, DO IT YOUR OWN WAY!”


So much love!

Chloe out.

The Sky is Calling

4 Apr

Here is the beautiful new album artwork for Kim Boekbinder’s The Sky is Calling:


Release date has been set for June 21st 2013 but you can pre-order the digital album here for just one dollar (or more if you are that awesome)! or $15 and you can hold the wonderful piece of “space pop” in your pretty little hands.

An album inspired by the cosmos. Including songs abut space and also songs not about space at all. First and foremost a brilliant pop album with well crafted songs and gorgeous production. A work of love.

Excited!? Me too!

Enjoy this while you wait:


Chloe out.

Stick some shiny lycra on and dance your glittering arses off!

29 Nov

I posted about The Simple Pleasure yesterday, and i’ve had them on repeat ever since!

I can’t get over how fucking awesome this song is:


The Simple Pleasure Carnival of Love


Turn the volume you all the way, stick some tight and shiny lycra on and dance your wonderful glittery arses off! Thank me later 🙂


Chloe out.

The Simple Pleasure

28 Nov

I finally got around to uploading The Simple Pleasure albums i got at the last Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra show, and have been rocking out to the dirty dance music ever since!

So, thought i’d share this with ya’ll:


Tracy, Tracy, Tracy by The Simple Pleasure

Go buy their albums on bandcamp! Now! Only $5 per album….. you really can’t resist that!


Chloe out.

Impossible Girl #2

26 Nov

Rather in love with this song and video… Impossible Girl #2 by Kim Boekbinder


Chloe out.

By the way, this is a video for train safety…..!

25 Nov

Potentially one of the best train safety videos you’ll ever see!

Annoyingly catchy (and actually a pretty good song!), as well as cute little animations and you learn not to be a moron on a train track… as well as not die dumbly!


…………………….so many dumb ways to die……….!


Chloe out.

Young and Lovely

3 Oct

You should watch this.

It’s beautiful.


Jherek Bischoff (featuring Zac Pennington and Soko) “Young and Lovely

Chloe out.