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John Grant

18 Jan

Amanda Palmer posted a link to this video a few days ago, and i’m so glad she did because it is beautiful.

This guy’s voice; powerful, soft and soul-touching.

And the lyrics. “This pain. It is a glacier moving through you.” and “Don’t listen to anyone; get answers on your own. Even if it means that sometimes you feel quite alone. No one on this planet can tell you what to believe. People like to talk a lot, and they like to deceive.” Ughhh…

So, down the youtube hole i descend and here are my favourites…

I really love this video. It’s simple but so wonderful…… “You could be laughing 65% more of the time…


A new artist to add to my list of favourites. Brilliant.

Chloe out.


Snake Hips

18 Jan

The most recent CD to find it’s way off my pile and into my ears is Avicii’s True.


I bought it because i loved this song (and now i also love the video too. Adorable, beautiful and bittersweet (perhaps a little cliche and tired imagery but on the whole a good music video), with twist ending that ranks it from good to very good!).


And from one song to another, i think i love the whole album! It’s rare to buy a record and like all the tracks. A new music love indeed.

I’m dancing along to all of the songs… but this one so much more than most! the bit, the bit with the song, ughhh and the whipcrack…. srsly try and stop me twirling my hips to this beauty.


Chloe out.

Stick some shiny lycra on and dance your glittering arses off!

29 Nov

I posted about The Simple Pleasure yesterday, and i’ve had them on repeat ever since!

I can’t get over how fucking awesome this song is:


The Simple Pleasure Carnival of Love


Turn the volume you all the way, stick some tight and shiny lycra on and dance your wonderful glittery arses off! Thank me later 🙂


Chloe out.

Young and Lovely

3 Oct

You should watch this.

It’s beautiful.


Jherek Bischoff (featuring Zac Pennington and Soko) “Young and Lovely

Chloe out.