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The Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra 7-image-upload tour suprise!

10 Sep

Yup, it’s a new Amanda Palmer art project!

It’s also a mystery!

Everyone going to the upcoming Theatre is Evil shows has been asked to upload 7 varying images for some form of awesome suprise on the tour.


So, here are my contributions:


please upload a picture of YOUR ROOM. as it is; or as it was back then.  or, if you happen to have a picture of it: as you would like it to be.


my room:


please upload a picture of YOUR STREET. just get the fuck out there and take a picture like lookin’ down the barrel of a shotgun. bam. done.


my street:


please place a SMALL OBJECT YOU LOVE upon a piece of WHITE PAPER. take a picture. all-white background important.


my object i love:


using paint/sharpie/blood, please draw a HEART SOMEWHERE ON YOUR BODY. take a photo. upload that shit.


my bloody heart:


please upload a PHOTO OF YOUR FACE, framed by your own spread hands. make sure the TOP of your head is included. like THIS:


my framed face:


please upload a photo of a moment in time… something you happened to catch… or go out and catch it. this could be anything that captivated/captivates you: a wedding, a funeral, a birth, a parting shot of someone/something as you left, the moment you met a hero, the shot you took of the place you snuck into…. basically: a “pictures or it didn’t happen” moment.


my “pictures or it didn’t happen” moment when i met my hero:


please post a photo / drawing of someone you have lost. this person can still be alive.


my person i have lost:




If you haven’t already done so (and are going to one of the shows obviously) here is the link to upload yours!


What do you think of my images?


Chloe out.