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The ship that sails itself…

13 Feb

This chick creates really rather wonderful fanfiction art… a little NSFW but mostly just awesome. I’m a fan of her Johnlock creations…. mmm….

Here are a few of my slightly SFW favourites…

Awesome right?! Her tumblr name is reapersun and i have huge internet crush on her…. check out the rest of her stuff here.


Yeah…… this is what i do when i’m not doing uni work………

Chloe out.


Join the dots.

26 Feb

Wonderful new video from Foals.

Was recommended to watch the video by a friend, who obviously knows my love for join the dots, and have discovered a new musical love for myself… downloading that album now! Really really love this video, the black and white simplicity at the start, constantly flowing and following and artistic patterns i can connect with and then those strands of colour at the end buzzing through the screen. Love it.

Chloe out.