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Hug me with your eyes.

4 Feb


A beautiful little song by Kimya Dawson called Tree Hugger just to make you smile on this dreary Tuesday afternoon…

And a photo of a cat dressed as a bee because it’s relevant and awesome.

Chloe out.


Ship. Ship. SHIP.

19 Jan

Shipping intensifies!!!!!!!



Chloe out.

The coffee percolator goes whhheeeeeee!

21 Feb


Love love love!

This is one of my new happy songs πŸ™‚

Chloe out.


21 Feb


Beautiful animation. Beautiful music. Bittersweet story. Love.

Gotye – Bronte


Chloe out.

By the way, this is a video for train safety…..!

25 Nov

Potentially one of the best train safety videos you’ll ever see!

Annoyingly catchy (and actually a pretty good song!), as well as cute little animations and you learn not to be a moron on a train track… as well as not die dumbly!


…………………….so many dumb ways to die……….!


Chloe out.