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If you want to sing out… sing out.

18 Jan

My other blog… but relevant!


Oh I neglect this blog so…

18 Jan

Just like my sleep, my dearest journal, the withering plant on my window-sill, the half-finished paintings awaiting me on my desk, the big box of ideas on top of my wardrobe that i just haven’t got round to implementing yet, the pile of films i haven’t watched yet, the pile of cd’s i haven’t listened to yet, the pile of books i haven’t read yet, the trash i keep forgetting to take out, the bathroom sink i haven’t cleaned the ink stains off yet, the pile of magazines i haven’t cut up yet, the 2011 Amanda Palmer calendar stuck on May that i still haven’t taken done yet……. and all those little things in my lift that get overlooked when i get busy and my mind explodes just a little bit each day.


See you on the other side…


For now, have a really beautiful photo of Amanda Palmer in an Australian yoga sandwich……

Chloe out.


5 Oct

I’ve rather neglected this blog of late.

I’m sorry blog.

This blog is dedicated to my love of escapism. I love a fantasy. It’s all about the music, the books, the films, the theatre, etc. etc. etc. that allows me to run away from my life and into lots of other worlds.

Sometimes you just need to run away from your own life.

This is where i run too.

But life takes over. I’m in my final year of my jewellery and metal design degree (aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!) and my work load is crazy, don’t get me wrong i love it, but i still find myself needing to escape….. and that’s why i’m back here.

To keep myself from going mad i’m going to pop back here at least one or two times a week to enjoy a bit of life avoidance and then post it here!


And, to start me off, i just reblogged my wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful experience at the Amanda Palmer London house party. I can’t believe it was way back in July… i’m still reveling in the moments and i still can’t get over how amazing it was. If you don’t believe me scroll down and ogle the photos and watch the videos. It was the most glorious of days.


See you soon!

Chloe out.

This is what the future of music looks like.

5 Oct

Remember that time…..

5 Mar

This IS the type of thing i normally post here!

By the way, this is a video for train safety…..!

25 Nov

Potentially one of the best train safety videos you’ll ever see!

Annoyingly catchy (and actually a pretty good song!), as well as cute little animations and you learn not to be a moron on a train track… as well as not die dumbly!


…………………….so many dumb ways to die……….!


Chloe out.


23 Sep

This song is so, oddly, but wonderfully suited to Neil Gaiman (…not that i’m calling him a psycho!)… the english accent, and it sounds like something he could have written with all the twists throughout the song as well as the passively dramatic ending. I love it. Especially this video… something about it says psycho!

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer covering Leon Payne’s Psycho



Chloe out.

6 Jun

Check it oooot.

Chloe Henderson

17 May

For ya’ll who found this blog randomly, it is a spin off blog from my main one: Chloe Henderson

I wanted to keep this blog, which is about my cultural loves, ie. music, film, literature, etc. and my other blog, which is more about my creative pursuits, my world of learning and all the other arty bits and pieces that I fill my life with, separate…. it makes it easier to organize it all in my mind.

Anyhoo…. if you haven’t already head over to Chloe Henderson to check out some of my art 🙂

Here is a drawing of me looking cute in a ballet outfit to start you off:

Chloe out.

Hello world!

23 Dec

Hello wonderful internet world.

Chloe Henderson here.

Welcome to my newest blog.

This baby is dedicated to my love for music, concerts, musicians, literature, writing, words, films, theatrical bits and pieces, the Edinburgh festival/Fringe and everything else in between.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Chloe out.