This is what the future of music looks like.

5 Oct

Remember that time…..


On Saturday 20th July 2013 the wonderfulest wonderful party i have ever been to took place in a bunting covered garden in the outskirts of London… and it was wonderful!

Ozzy Beck (20)

I wonder which house it could be…..

Adele Kirby (7)

Then i definitely knew i was in the right place…. there’s a dalek with rubber ducky bunting!


My flowered up name badger (loved this cutie! was a sad moment when i realized i had to take it off to go to bed)!


The wonderful creator of the name badger: Robin Stevenson



This is the scrapbooky gift we made up for Amanda. I jazzed up the front with an inky sketch and we filled it up with… well i don’t have any photos of it from the end, but it looked beautiful and was full of pretty photos and drawings and people had written adorable things for/about Amanda…. i hope it makes her happy…

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