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My cat is a pussy superstar.

7 Mar


Forgot how much i love this song! And there is a wonderfully weird, creepy video to match! Anything with a little allusion to sexyness is good in my books!

Jack Off Jill – My Cat


Chloe out.

5 Mar

This IS the type of thing i normally post here!



This is normally the type of thing i post to my I Shot Amanda Palmer blog but considering it’s topic i want to post it here too. As you probably know Amanda Palmer is my art rock goddess, and now she has done a TED talk. It might be all about the music business, but anyone doing anything creative should watch this video. Inspiring, passionate and beautiful.

Chloe out.

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1 Mar

James Blake – Retrograde

A new musical love coming my way, especially the little background humming that makes up the song… mmm mm. And what a lovely video, beautiful and simple.

Chloe out.