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Bizzare puppetry.

27 Feb

Bat for Lashes – Lillies

Loving this new video from Bat for Lashes. The bizzare puppetry combined with her beautiful voice has rekindled my love for Bat for Lashes.

Chloe out.


Join the dots.

26 Feb

Wonderful new video from Foals.

Was recommended to watch the video by a friend, who obviously knows my love for join the dots, and have discovered a new musical love for myself… downloading that album now! Really really love this video, the black and white simplicity at the start, constantly flowing and following and artistic patterns i can connect with and then those strands of colour at the end buzzing through the screen. Love it.

Chloe out.

The coffee percolator goes whhheeeeeee!

21 Feb


Love love love!

This is one of my new happy songs 🙂

Chloe out.


21 Feb


Beautiful animation. Beautiful music. Bittersweet story. Love.

Gotye – Bronte


Chloe out.

You have my heart.

21 Feb


I have your heart – Kim Boekbinder


This has always been one of my favourite Kim Boekbinder songs but now, after finding this beautiful video, i love it so much more.


Chloe out.

I wish somebody would look at me like this.

20 Feb


I was going to write a wee post about how this made me feel until i scrolled down and realized the first two comments had totally stolen the words from my mind!

ScreenHunter_05 Feb. 20 17.16


Much love.

ScreenHunter_04 Feb. 20 17.16


Chloe out.

The saddest of sads.

14 Feb

Get your box of tissues ready for…………………….. Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra’s The Bed Song video release, on today of all days this video will grind your heart.

With misty eyes the heart-wrenching beauty of this video, and new recording of the song, has made my birthday that much awesomer.


Have a cyber hug… after this you may need one!

Chloe out.

Cross Bones Style

1 Feb


Rekindling my love for Cat Power with this wonderful song and video Cross Bones Style.


Chloe out.