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Amanda Palmer is doing a TED talk!

14 Jan

Yup she is!

Just announced it on twitter and in her blog.

I’m so excited for her, can’t wait to see what wonderfulness she will come up with to inspire the world. “if my TED talk is not awesome, i will feel the greatest of sads.” oh Amanda we all have epic faith that it will be the awesomest TED talk ever!

“i want to tell people something they don’t already know, and tell them in a way that will inspire them, that they won’t forget.” if you have anything beautiful to tell Amanda about how beautiful she is, go help her out.

Ooo you can also help her out by sending photos of her being awesome… click here for details.

p.s. if you don’t know what TED is, go here and give yourself an hour or 5 to fall down the incredible rabbit hole that it is.



Chloe out.


Of Monsters and Men

7 Jan

My most recent music love is Of Monsters and Men

Especially this song, which is running through my mind on repeat (and so for the only thing to dislodge all the Rocky Horror music from there!), and the video for it, which is really beautiful as well as being fun.

Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

Enjoy 🙂

Chloe out.