Toucha toucha meeeeeee! I wanna be diiiirttyyyyy!

29 Dec


Last night we dawned our fishnet stalking, applied our lipstick and tottered out into Brighton to dance and sing along to the 40th anniversary production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Theatre Royal.

The Theatre itself is beautiful and seems an ideal setting for the show, complete with that little bit of decay which makes all magnificant theatres that little bit mores special.

New Year (442)

There weren’t as many dresser uppers as we had been expecting, but there were enough that our lack of clothing fitted in!

Before i go on to marvel at the show here are some sexy ass photos of our get up (be warned… they are quite frightening!):











New Year (441)


New Year (465)


New Year (469)

The curtain was pulled away by a bright pink version of Science Fiction Double Feature, and the even brighter coloured set of the wedding scene was revealed. This version of the show was definatley brining it’s crate of poster paints into the action and stepping away from the darker shades of the film.

The cast was quite small yet they filled the room with fantastic voices and even more impressive high-heeled dancing!

I still haven’t managed to get the songs of of my head!

The narrator was perhaps my favourite character in this show, purely for his outstanding ability to come back at the heckles flying his way.

It was everything you’d want from a live version of Rocky Horror, everything and more. And spent in the company of the best dressed people in the show i had a rocking time!

Chloe out.



One Response to “Toucha toucha meeeeeee! I wanna be diiiirttyyyyy!”

  1. 'arris January 7, 2013 at 8:09 PM #

    Damn the photos…I was going to deny I was there!! Actually,it wasn’t me,it was my half brother Beryl…..

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