The Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra 7-image-upload tour suprise!

10 Sep

Yup, it’s a new Amanda Palmer art project!

It’s also a mystery!

Everyone going to the upcoming Theatre is Evil shows has been asked to upload 7 varying images for some form of awesome suprise on the tour.


So, here are my contributions:


please upload a picture of YOUR ROOM. as it is; or as it was back then.  or, if you happen to have a picture of it: as you would like it to be.


my room:


please upload a picture of YOUR STREET. just get the fuck out there and take a picture like lookin’ down the barrel of a shotgun. bam. done.


my street:


please place a SMALL OBJECT YOU LOVE upon a piece of WHITE PAPER. take a picture. all-white background important.


my object i love:


using paint/sharpie/blood, please draw a HEART SOMEWHERE ON YOUR BODY. take a photo. upload that shit.


my bloody heart:


please upload a PHOTO OF YOUR FACE, framed by your own spread hands. make sure the TOP of your head is included. like THIS:


my framed face:


please upload a photo of a moment in time… something you happened to catch… or go out and catch it. this could be anything that captivated/captivates you: a wedding, a funeral, a birth, a parting shot of someone/something as you left, the moment you met a hero, the shot you took of the place you snuck into…. basically: a “pictures or it didn’t happen” moment.


my “pictures or it didn’t happen” moment when i met my hero:


please post a photo / drawing of someone you have lost. this person can still be alive.


my person i have lost:




If you haven’t already done so (and are going to one of the shows obviously) here is the link to upload yours!


What do you think of my images?


Chloe out.


One Response to “The Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra 7-image-upload tour suprise!”


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    […] those of you who don’t know, the images behind were part of the 7-image-upload task that Amanda set everybody going to the shows. Little did we know the images would be used in […]

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