Bitter Ruin – The Art School, Glasgow – 10.8.2012

11 Aug

Last night i went to see Bitter Ruin at The Art School in Glasgow.

It was bloody brilliant!

No. It was fucking yaldi!!!

Bravo old chaps. Bravo!


But before the beautiful Bitter Ruin hit the stage we had a wonderful little set from Hannah O’Reilly

3 cd’s bought and added to my favourites 🙂

If there is one thing you do today, go and download or at least listen to her made up song Meryl Streep  it is fanfuckingtastic!

Here are some pretty little pictures of Hannah:




And now………. BITTER RUIN!!!

It was a beautiful wee set, and if you join their mailing list (and are from Scotland) they will hopefully come back! And you want that! Yes. You do.

Enjoy some awesome pictures:

I’m so excited for the new album now!

Argh! this person’s head! Right in my way!

Although this shot is a little blurry, i love the stare!

My only good shot of Ben… he was standing just out of focus the whole time!

And as a really great end to the set, Bitter Ruin invited the whole crowd up onto stage with them to enjoy an acoustic version of A Brand New Me which i’ve filmed (apologies for the dodgy camera angles, i was a little preoccupied!):




Go and buy all their songs and merch and everything and all of it! and love it!

Go…. here….. now!


Chloe out.


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